Burnt Toast Gifts. This long-running podcast try identical products remarkable and funny

Burnt Toast Gifts. This long-running podcast try identical products remarkable and funny

Burned Toast Presents is definitely interesting parody of additional podcasts. One program focus around one-story about an absent toaster through the form of a true theft podcast particularly Serial, and the 2nd series is additionally funnier, with every episode taking up another type of podcast genre a€“ Nathan Peter Grassi should excellent Ira Glass (This United states lives) imitation, as shown in occurrence six. Adam Quinn, Oxfordshire


This podcast try broadly based on cricket that is co-hosted from worlda€™s best quickly bowler, James Anderson. A week Anderson, Disc Jockey Greg James, instrumentalist Felix whiten and Matt a€?Mattchina€? Horan meet up for a chat with different people, together with to learn Mattchina€™s composed cricket quizzes. Ita€™s interesting and compelling, and keeps me organization while Ia€™m at the gym. Catherine Oa€™Shea, Bahrain

Most Likely Art

This long-running podcast is definitely identical section remarkable and comical. Comedians Andy hardwood and Matt Kirshen host, addressing a selection of the weeka€™s discipline reports. Guests can be comics or scientists a€“ implying the overall tone differs from occurrence to event a€“ although team often have the ability to hinder over-simplifying, while keeping the show peaceful and available, together with regularly witty. Andrew Davies, Norwich


A great mixture of brilliant individuals talking about a dazzling spectrum of matters, including the Myanmar coup, to general public schoolboys beginning a poultry fist struggle group, to adjusting to our lives post-colostomy case. Genuinely amazing paying attention managed by comedians Phil Wang and Pierre Novellie; an actual silly goose experience. Howard Websdell, Chester

Pound for Pound

Jake wooden and Spencer Oliver are excellent boxing pundits but, to be honest, Ia€™m hearing generally for all the ads. I’ve never read two boys suggest a males grooming equipment as emphatically mainly because two a€“ you in all honesty get the feelings theya€™d talk about shaving the company’s testicles even if they werena€™t getting paid to a€“ I have any idea what kinds they like. Jacob Hawley, comedian and podcaster. Jacob Hawleya€™s classroom Act is included in BBC wireless 4 on Sunday 21 March, 7:15pm

2 Mr Ps in a Pod(cast)

This pod is required for anybody who will work in a college a€“ truly complete hilarity from beginning to end, by incorporating deserved and needed rants thrown set for good assess. Lee Parkinson and his awesome blood brother Adam (who both operate in schools) variety, with segments such as trainer Confessions a€“ which might be quite crazy! a€“ and also the weird stories of Cockney John. Georgina, Beverley

We All Address Room Trash

This really a sci-fi sitcom tv show about two room service girls a€“ one of these a recent jail escaper, that likewise is an heiress, other very different. We correct room trash is focused on friendships, romance, survival and a reflection on the imperfections of our world today (a conglomerate might key villain with the show). What’s more, it features a number of pretty robots and vibrant place critters. Cecille, Philippine Islands

Hi Joan and Jericha

Rude, idiotic and oozing with entire body liquids, this terror discomfort aunt podcast would be the funniest, filthiest factor you are able to submit their ears to. Their features, Joan Damry (Julia Davis) and Jericha website (Vicki Pepperdine), furnish awful suggestions to audience on their own definitely-not-made-up difficulty, typically end in long digressions from the majesty regarding the male phallus. Little blush-inducing to listen to home than on the morning commute a€“ and, until you living alone, utilize headsets. Kathryn Bromwich, Onlooker Brand-new Analysis commissioning publisher

What You uniform dating review May Need Mythed

This podcast try laugh-out-loud comical and it has educated myself some very worthwhile information and facts from around the world. The voices/accents deliver those figures and tales alive a€“ even though historical past arena€™t your thing, each occurrence was a fantastical journey journey, designed for all ages. During lockdown, it’s been nourishing to listen and discover different cultures, and ways in which a person’s raceway has changed gradually. Tess Lari, Newcastle

Brett & Cliffa€™s Flea Circus

This podcast was organised by two down-to-earth geordie lads, who explore cult motion pictures, television and retro gaming. Ita€™s like in the club together with your mates: limitless, interesting talk that never require it self way too really as well as being regularly littered with tummy jokes. Brett and Cliff really amusing and likable chaps who are usually compelling; a true treasure. David Hallway, Eastern Boldon

Mystery regarding the Rocks

From put: Masud Milas, Sooz Kempner and Chris Stokes of Mystery throughout the Rocks. Photo: Kate Scott

A podcast wherein unresolved secrets, drinks and musical interludes bundle. I dona€™t enjoy, or listen to real theft generally, however hilarity has Masud Milas, Chris Stokes and Sooz Kempner provide each unsolved secret will get me personally laughing once a week. These people just recently agreed an excellent Entertainment Mysteries series a€“ so when you choose to have a good laugh, learn about the kill of Masked Marvel, and see how to cope get back package of frangelico within your cupboard, a person cana€™t not work right. Tazzy

2Shin (put) and Joe Bish regarding the Shit-Show podcast. Photo: attention impression

The Shit-Show

This program takes a suffering Uncle style, utilizing e-mail from a€?da listenaza€? who’re trying to find pointers with regards to various dilemmas. Hosts Joe Bish and Tuvshin Bolor (AKA 2SHIN) arena€™t reluctant to expire on a hill and inform they adore it are, tackling everything from union troubles, to sex-positive bed room advice, embarrassing doctors visits and uncomfortable personal gatherings. David, Manchester

Exactly How Neal Feea€?la€¬

Bianca and Neal of Just How Neal Imagine.

Hosts Neal Brennan and Bianca Sia share their perspectives on mental health, politics, culture and more, in this warm and funny podcast. Brennan in addition formerly hosted a podcast referred to as Champs with Moshe Kasher, of which the Tiffany Haddish episode happens to be a highlight a€“ we chuckled and cried throughout. Unknown, Chelmsford

Jenan Younis. Picture: Jenan Younis

Jenana€™s stand-up snippets

The brief and snappy symptoms of the standup podcast through the comedian Jenan Younis often ensure I am look, and that I really like paying attention to those with various social backgrounds to me personally. My finest episode involved center Eastern mindsets towards dollars; it actually was an easy task to visualize the fight scene over paying the cheque. Anonymous, Newcastle

Ladies Like Me

Katherine Parkinson and Katy brand name are actually hysterical as Lillian Bayliss and Jennifer Hudson, top frenemies that will not recognize they generally do the podcast to help ends encounter, identifying as an alternative as a€?accomplished reportersa€?. From Lilliana€™s childhood trauma of located in a tree to Jennifera€™s incapacity to update the podcast to eliminate terrible bits, ladies Like us all is an absurd, witty and charming hear. Kearin Green, Cape Location, South Africa